Due to this reason Guldars are moving towards streets, increases danger on humans
Due to this reason Guldars are moving towards streets, increases danger on humans

Dehradun: Tiger is also a major reason for the increasing conflict between humans and Guldar. Fearing a tiger, the Guldars started leaving the forest and are turning to streets in search of prey. According to experts, these two animals of the Vidal dynasty are not made at all. Guldar easily becomes a tiger hunt. This is the reason that as the number of tigers started increasing, the number of Guldars decreased from there.

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According to the sources, Chief Wildlife Protector Rajiv Bharatri told that a lot of research is being done about the nature of Guldar. The number of Guldars has increased rapidly, due to which it goes into human streets in search of easy prey. But, the biggest reason is the increase in the number of tigers. A tiger kills a Guldar on a radius of 1 km. Since the number of tigers in the tiger reserve is increasing, the Guldars are also running away in the same proportion.

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According to the latest data, there are currently 2334 Guldar in the state. Most of Gildars moved out of about 1742 Guldar Reserve areas and also in some streets. Currently, there are 424 tigers in both tiger reserves. However, only 532 Guldars are left in these 2 areas. It is clear that fearing the tiger, Guldar went to remote forests, many of which have now turned to human streets.

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