Birthday Special: Lesser known facts about Chandrashekhar Azad


Chandra Shekhar Azad, a man whose dream was free India. He sacrificed his life to make the India free from the British rule. He was born on 23rd July 1906 in a Brahmins family in Bhavra village of Madhya Pradesh. Her life journey is very inspiring, therefore we are listing here a few interesting about him on the occasion of this brave freedom.

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  • He went Kashi Vidyapeeth in Varanasi to study as it was his mother wish to make her child a great sanskrit scholar
  • He joined the non- cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1921
  • He also learned archery which helped him in fighting against Britishers
  • For his alertness and restlessness his mentor Ram Prasad Bismil used to call him "Quick silver"
  • He is well known for his famous ‘Kakori Rail dacoity’ in 1925
  • He adopted his last name ‘Azad’ which means free and while adopting his name he took an oath that Britisher could not capture him alive
  • He got deeply and emotionally influenced by the Jalliawallah Bagh massacre in 1919

  • He also trained Bhagat sigh and other revolutionaries to fight against Britishers
  • In 1931, police surrounded him in Alfred park in Allahabad. In order to keep his words to remain free, he shot himself on his head with his last bullet.

We salute this freedom fighter for his contribution to Independence of India 



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