Corona continues wreaking havoc in India, 1.57 lakh cases reported in a week

Jul 09 2020 01:48 PM
Corona continues wreaking havoc in India, 1.57 lakh cases reported in a week

India is moving fast in the list of top countries in the cases of the epidemic corona. India has reached the third place after America and Brazil. Looking at the way the coronavirus is spreading, It can be said that India will become number one. In India, 1.57 infected patients of Corona have been found in a week. While 3,236 people have died due to the virus. The first week of July has been the worst week so far during this epidemic. On Tuesday, once again an increase in new cases was registered and it increased to about 23 thousand. On this day, 473 people died.

Through the data, we try to know how terrible corona can prove to be. According to the news agency Reuters, now more than 12 million infected patients of corona have been found in the world. In the last seven months more than five lakh 47 thousand people have died from Corona.

According to media reports, the Corona infection figure in India has crossed 7 lakh and death toll has crossed 20 thousand. The number of patients recovering from corona in the country is more than 4 lakhs and the number of active cases is more than 2 lakhs. Maharashtra is most affected by Corona. There are 5,134 corona infected in a single day.3,616 cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu and 2,008 in Delhi.

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