'LG is sidelining the elected govt,' this leader attacked Lt Gov
'LG is sidelining the elected govt,' this leader attacked Lt Gov

New Delhi: The tussle between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Delhi is not stopping. On Tuesday, Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia attacked the Lieutenant Governor on several issues. He said that the Lieutenant Governor is constantly sidelining the elected government, due to which a huge legal crisis has arisen. Not only this, Sisodia targeting the officers said that they were doing illegal work at the behest of LG.

Sisodia said the bypassing of the elected government by the Lieutenant Governor would help criminals get away with the courts. Referring to Section 106 of the CRPC, Sisodia said that sanction for prosecution from the minister is necessary for prosecuting an offender. He further said that the correct legal procedure was being followed for decades, but suddenly for the last few months, the Chief Secretary is sending prosecution sanction files directly to the Lieutenant Governor against the provisions of the criminal laws. The Deputy Chief Minister said that he has asked the CS to explain why the system was changed. He has also asked to hand over the list of all such cases in which sanction for prosecution has been issued illegally within the last 6 months.

Manish Sisodia said that Section 196 of the IPC states that no court shall take cognizance of offenses committed against the State without the approval of the State Government. Many heinous crimes fall into this category. According to the Law Department of the Government of Delhi, 'State Government' in this Act means the elected Government. This means that the minister in charge is the competent authority and the approval of the minister should be taken in all these matters. After taking the permission of the Minister, the file will be sent to the Lieutenant Governor to decide whether his opinion differs from the decision of the Minister and whether he wants to refer it to the President of India. Sisodia further said that the LG and the Chief Secretary, in their over enthusiasm to sideline the elected government in every matter, have created a situation in which many criminals who have committed serious crimes can go scot-free. He said that the same process was being followed till a few months back.

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