2-year-old boy sentenced to life imprisonment along with family
2-year-old boy sentenced to life imprisonment along with family

Pyongyang: An international investigation report has claimed that Christians are being persecuted in North Korea under the leadership of dictator Kim Jong Un. Now in North Korea, an innocent child has been sentenced to life imprisonment just because his parents had a Bible. In this sequence, a 2-year-old child was thrown into jail along with the family. This information has been given in the 'International Religious Freedom Report' of the US State Department. According to the report, those who follow Christianity are being killed.


According to the report, along with this, those who believe in Christianity are being punished with a special type of 'Pigeon Torture'. Under this, both their hands are tied towards their backs and they are kept standing for several days. One victim said it was so horrific that he thought it appropriate to embrace death. In 2020, a woman was not even allowed to sleep in jail, eventually she was forced to commit suicide.

North Korea has a population of 400,000 Christians, of whom 70,000 have been jailed so far. That is why, Christians there have to hide their religion from their children as well. An NGO named 'Open Door USA (ODUSA)' claims that Christians are not safe in the country. Korea Future said children are taught in schools about the deeds of Christian missionaries, such as rape, blood-drinking, human organ trafficking, murder and espionage.  

Through books, children are being told how the pastors take children's blood to a part of the church and take out the blood of the children. Christians are seen as a threat to Kim Jong Un's power. Even those who leave the church are not left out. Those who listen to church music are arrested. Only the elderly are seen in the church. Christian organizations say that people of this religion are in danger in North Korea and may be eliminated. North Korea is a predominantly atheist country.

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