Life insurance companies will soon sell Mediclaim policy

Dec 10 2019 09:41 AM
Life insurance companies will soon sell Mediclaim policy

Good news may come soon for Life Insurance Companies. According to information received from sources, companies selling life insurance can get approval to sell health insurance soon. Sources say that these companies will also be able to sell Indemnity Health Insurance. For information, let us know that in Indemnity Health Insurance, the expenses of the hospital are fully compensated.

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At present, life insurance companies are allowed to give only fixed benefit insurance. In the fixed benefit, only the specified amount is given when the disease is detected. According to the information received according to sources, it is believed that by getting these approvals, life insurance companies will help in increasing the business.

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There is only one category of health and life insurance globally. Life insurance companies do not need a separate health insurance company. Currently, only general insurance and standalone health insurance companies are doing business in India. This is the reason why this proposal has been opposed by standalone health insurance companies. It is being told that big companies like LIC, HDFC Life, ICICI Pru, SBI Life will get an advantage in increasing business after getting approval to sell health insurance.

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