Life of a 'SAGITTARIUS' -The Archer

Sep 12 2016 12:37 PM
Life of a 'SAGITTARIUS' -The Archer

Must be exciting eh?The Sagittarius being one of the most cheerful, and fun loving zodiac must be living an adventurous and carefree life.Always a party animal with no need for much caffeine to drive out stress. Right? Well actually wrong!

On one side where Sagittarians are said to have bold personality, there are many Sags who prefer to live a life of an introvert with not much excitement or risk. Sags may be workaholic but they definitely know how to have a good time.

No two people are alike, so though they are Sags, it doesn't mean they'll be same. On one side you might meet a hyperactive person and on the other side, one you meet might be a lazy bug. Not all the Sags are foodies. Some might come under the category of eating just to live and not under the"Food is Life" category.

Many Sags finds it interesting to be a bookphile, to do something productive, to eat only when they are hungry, to not bunker over movies, to be a systematic person and finish off work on their to-do list.

There are a lot of things which separates a Sagittarius's life from others. Either an introvert or a party animal one thing which is common in every Sagittarian is they don't sit idle. "Don't tell a Sagittarius what they want is not possible, they'll set a goal to prove you wrong." 


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