Liquor party organised violating the lockdown norms, police raided

Aug 11 2020 02:56 PM
Liquor party organised violating the lockdown norms, police raided

Gurugram police have arrested 30 people involved in Liquor party in violation of lockdown. Three boxes of beer and 1 box of British Liquor has also been seized from them. Those arrested include 22 Boys and 8 girls.

Gurugram police commissioner KK Rao got information that some boys and girls are doing a Liquor party near Gwal hill village on Faridabad road. On this information, Police ordered DLF ACP Karan Goyal to raid there. When the ACP of DLF raided, the information came out true. He then raided the place in Gurugram Faridabad Road with the police team. The young men and women present in the open ground of adventure zone were consuming Liquor. When they saw the police team coming towards them, they started running, but the police team surrounded them.

During the interrogation of the police team, it was found that this party was organised by Harsh Gosai, resident of Gurugram Sector 46. When the police asked him about the seized Liquor and the permission, he could not show any valid permission papers. Police have considered the event a violation of the guidelines for lockdown. The police team has filed a case against a total of 22 people including the accused who organized the liquor party, and a total of 30 people including 8 women from the spot. The police team says that due to such events, coronavirus spreads.

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