Liquor shops will remain closed in Madhya Pradesh's Red and Orange zones

Every work has come to a standstill due to the lockdown. The tax crisis on the states is getting deeper. At the same time, the state government is going to increase the economic activities in the fourth lockdown to deal with the deepening economic crisis due to reduced income from state taxes. For this, the Group of Ministers is also considering options to increase income. It is also being told that liquor shops in the Red and Orange zones will remain closed till May 31, although permission can be given to open liquor shops outside the infected areas. At the same time, the final decision in this regard will be taken after assessing the conditions in the meeting on Monday. Out of 3611 liquor shops in the state, about 720 shops are closed.

The Commercial Tax Department gave instructions to all collectors on Sunday that liquor shops in Red and Orange zones have been kept closed. They are likely to be operated only after the lockdown period. For the issuance of license for depositing bank guarantee for such shops, when the permission to open the shop is allowed, then a further seven days should be counted. Some shops of a group are open and some closed shops should be given bank guarantee only. The remaining 60 percent of the security amount should be deposited by May 28 according to the annual fee.

In fact, the state has lost revenue of Rs 1800 crore due to the closure of liquor shops due to Corona crisis. The target of income from liquor shops in March 1995 and 1150 crore rupees was set in April. But in the last week of March, before the closure of shops, Rs 1342 crore was earned, while in April only Rs 121 crore was received. The 118 crore rupees received from Value Added Tax has also not been received. This is the reason why the government had decided to open liquor shops except in the infected areas. But 720 shops in Red and Orange Zone will remain closed.

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