Fact Check: Modi govt will remove Ajmer Dargah and drive Muslims out of country

New Delhi: The Modi government at the Center has shown a lot of strictness under IT rules in the last few years. The government on Thursday (August 18) banned seven Indian and one Pakistani YouTube channels under the IT Rules 2021. Fake news and anti-India propaganda were spread through these channels, especially in the Muslim community, poison was filled and they were instigated against the country.

The names of the channels banned are, Democracy TV, U&V TV, AM Razvi, Glorious Pawan Mithilanchal, SeeTop5TH, Government Update, and Watch Everything. The Pakistani YouTube channel that has been banned is called 'News Ki Duniya'.

All these channels spreading fake news had been monetized by YouTube and these people were earning huge money by spreading fake news and anti-India propaganda. The total viewership of these channels was 144 crore and subscribers were 85.73 lakh. However, now the Government of India has banned these 8 channels spreading fake news.

If you look at the news on these channels, you will clearly know that these people were working to poison Indian Muslims and a large number of people were also watching these channels, but no one complained about it. From these channels, Muslims were being provoked by spreading news like Modi government will remove Ajmer Dargah, Muslims will be thrown out of India, Ajmer Dargah attacked by saffron-clad people so that they feel that the Government of India is torturing their community and spreads anarchy in the country.

However, now the Modi government has taken action against them and banned these channels, but here is some responsibility of the readers, if you also see such fake news, then report them.  

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