These are top 6 highest paid actors in Bollywood

There are many actors in Bollywood who are famous for their fees. Now today we are going to tell you about such top 6 Bollywood actors who are the highest fee actors.

Salman Khan - Salman Khan, popularly known as Chulbul Pandey in Bollywood, is the highest-paid actor in the industry. Although some of his films also flop, but still he is the most expensive star of Bollywood. Hearing their fees, you can slip everyone's senses. Yes, Salman Khan charges fees up to 60 crores for doing a film.

Aamir Khan: After Bollywood's Dabangg Khan i.e. Salman Khan, the second big Khan star of the industry is Aamir Khan and he is also second in terms of fees. Yes, if the sources related to them agree, then they never compromise their fees. He takes from 50 to 55 crores for a film.

Shahrukh Khan- After two mines, now the name comes from the third Khan i.e. Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh charges 40 to 45 crores for a film. At the same time, some of Shahrukh's films have flopped but this did not reduce his fees.

Akshay Kumar - Akshay Kumar, who is known in Bollywood as Bhaiya Bhaiya, has millions of fans. Akshay charges 40 to 45 crores for a film. With this, he does the maximum number of films in the industry, due to this he is also the highest earning actor.

Hrithik Roshan- Hrithik Roshan, popularly known as Rohit in Bollywood, will blow your senses after hearing the price you charge for a film. Yes, Hrithik Roshan charges around 40 crores for a film.

Ranbir Kapoor - Ranbir Kapoor, who has dated many actresses in Bollywood, is famous for his style. People love them fiercely. He has named millions of hearts with his best films. By the way, Ranbir Kapoor charges up to 25 crores for a film.

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