Little boy sings song, Twitter users say "this boy will get school open"

Jan 19 2021 02:19 PM
Little boy sings song, Twitter users say

On social media, a video is viral. Now recently also a video is going viral which you can see. This video is being rapidly viral and is not able to control your laughter by seeing who is watching it. However, the video shows a child who has now become an Internet-senton. You can see in this video the child sang the song in this style that his video has become increasingly viral.

Looking at this video, an IAS said that the child would be able to open the school. At this time, this small video on social media has made a blow. We are sure that after watching the child's video, people are not able to stop their laughter. This video has been shared by IAS Avinash Sharan on Twitter. While sharing the video, he wrote in the caption, "This child will get the school open". You can see that in this video, a child is singing the apocalypse film in a naughty manner, "mujhse bhi zada tu kisi se bhi pyaar nahi karna"

At the end of this video, the child also gives a mast flying that you can catch. This video is going crazy by laughing and laughing. So far, this video has been seen by more than 1 lakh people. However, it has been liked by more than seven thousand people. One user wrote in the comment, "Dil toh bacha hai ji." Another user, while enjoying the fun, wrote, "The future of the country is in danger, open the school early."

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