Economic activities intensified in Uttarakhand

May 31 2020 07:07 PM
Economic activities intensified in Uttarakhand

The central government has provided major relief to the states with the end of lockdown four. The biggest relief for Uttarakhand is that tourism and pilgrimage activities can start after June 8. With the introduction of inter-state public transport, the imperative of the pass has come to an end. Though the Center has postponed the decision to open a school college until next month, it has given permission to open shopping mall. Now the state government will issue guidelines in the coming days to conduct economic activities as per the guidelines of the center. The central government has focused only on the containment zone for the prevention of corona infection. There will be a complete lockdown in the Containment Zone till 30 June. Apart from this, relief has been given in the arrangement of curfew from 7 pm to 7 am for economic activities and other works in other areas.

Now there will be curfew from 9 o'clock in the night till five o'clock in the next morning. The state government may allow opening of the market by nine o'clock at night. The biggest relief for the Uttarakhand government will be to start tourism and pilgrimage activities from June 8. However, the Center will issue a separate SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to conduct these activities. After the SOP is issued, the government will be able to conduct other pilgrimage activities including Char Dham Yatra. The biggest relief is for hoteliers who have been allowed to resume activities. The State Hotel Association has been demanding this for a long time.

The state government had also sought permission to open the shopping mall, which has been accepted by the Center. Chahal initiative may start in shopping malls in the state after June 8. However, SOP will be created for social distancing. Once the SOP comes into effect, they will be allowed to operate. The center has allowed the boundaries to be opened by allowing interstate movement. However states can decide which states to start traffic with. The pass system for moving to another state has ended. No one will be allowed to enter and enter the container zone alone. The Center currently has a moratorium on opening of theaters, gymnasium and swimming pool, but it can also be relaxed after a few days.

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