Uttarakhand : Agriculture department alert to tackle locust swarm's attack
Uttarakhand : Agriculture department alert to tackle locust swarm's attack

The district agriculture department has also become cautious in view of the locust threat in Pauri, Uttarakhand. The Chief Agriculture Officer has instructed the development block and Nyaya Panchayat in-charge to be vigilant from now on to avoid locust party attacks in the future. The agriculture department has asked farmers to protect their crops from locust contingent attacks. Appealed to be cautious. Chief Agriculture Officer Devendra Singh Rana said that the locust has entered Uttar Pradesh from Rajasthan.

There is a danger of its entry into the state. Along with this, an appeal has been made to make noise, smoke in the field. He told that the grasshopper party mostly damages the crops of maize, moong, urad, sugarcane, mango and vegetables. He appealed to the farmers to collect tin cartons, plates, make noise, smoke the fields and water the fields simultaneously to save crops from grasshopper attacks.

At the same time, Rana has asked to contact the office of the Chief Agricultural Officer on 01368-221964 and the Directorate of Agriculture on toll free number -18001800011, besides the Disaster Relief Team will be formed. At the same time, a disaster relief team will be formed to prevent locust attack. Orders in this regard have been issued on behalf of Dr. R. Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary, Agriculture and Horticulture.

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