Celebrating harvesting 'Lohri',the festival of farmer

The season of harvest is there on the door.It is that time of year when people offers prayers and thanks to god for the crops before harvesting.

We all set to celebrate series of festivals around the country, beginning with the harvest festival.

In Punjab and Haryana, the harvest festival is known as Lohri.This festival is celebrating for the harvest of ravi crop, those which are sown in winter. This festival is enjoying with the traditional folk songs and dances and amazing food.

Rituals : Why to celebrate 

Lohri is a means to commemorate fertility and the joy of life. Harvested fields and farmyards lit up with lights and bonfires are the central part of the celebrations. Right through the bitter winter day, people go around collecting dry twigs and branches to make a bonfire. The bigger the bonfire the better is Lohri celebration.On this day people wear new clothes and gifts and sweets are exchanged.People throw sugarcane sticks into the fire as an offering, and an aroma of burning sugar spreads in the atmosphere.

Lohri is celebrated in the month of Paush that is last day of this hindu month,this is on January 13.As the sun sets, the bonfire is lit and anytime after the sunset is suitable for the auspicious rituals.

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