Celebs wishes 'Lohri' by sharing their childhood memories

The festival of gud-till le laddu, moongfali (peanuts),rewdi, and gachak is there. With this festival many such childhood memories are remembered. Yound kids used to visit every house in the street weeks before the festival and sing cheerful lohri songs and get lohri treats from every household.
Besides of this, popular celebrities share their beautiful memories celebrating Lohri.

Karan Wahi 
He share his memory by saying, Lohri was special in North for us.I remember when i used to stay with my family I used to eat sweets and having huge celebration in the colony. Festival haven't taken back seat now too,but I don't celebrate them the way I used to celebrate in my childhood. I think with the age the way of celebrate changes,but the excitement remain the same.

Ssharad Malhotraa
I remember of the day when I lived in Kolkata. Our Neighbours used to gather below our building and then we all would eat with delicacies and later dance around the bonfire. 

Asmita sood
In my childhood i used to go to my grandfather's house to celebrate the festival also it with my mother's birthday, double celebaration I have got. Life these days become very hectic and fast.But this festival remind my beautiful memories that we can look back and smile upon when we grow old.

Aditi Sajwan
My family stayed in Bhatinda for three years. We had DJs throughtout the night and around the bonfire.I remembered in the night , we usually gather around bonfire and would eat all festive delicacies which consisted of 'Tilgul laddo','ajjak' and peanuts.

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