Lok Sabha Debate on Women's Reservation Bill: Sonia Calls for Caste-Based Census, OBC Women's Reservation

New Delhi - Sonia Gandhi, the leader of the Congress party, voiced her unwavering support for the Women's Reservation Bill during today's Lok Sabha sessoin. She passionately called upon the central government to expedite the implementation of women's reservation rather than adhering to the 2029 timeline. Moreover, she pressed the Narendra Modi-led government to conduct a caste-based census and subsequently allocate reservations for women from the SC, ST, and OBC categories based on the census findings. Below are notable excerpts from her Lok Sabha address:

"On behalf of the Congress party, I wholeheartedly endorse the Women's Reservation Bill."

"From the hearths of rural India's smoky kitchens to the grandeur of sports stadiums, Indian women have traversed an impressive journey, diligently pursuing their aspirations. Women are the backbone of our households, walking shoulder to shoulder with men. Indian women epitomize resilience and unwavering dedication."

"Indian women have altruistically toiled for the betterment of society, much like a nurturing river. Their indefatigable work ethic is truly commendable."

"Throughout India's tumultuous struggle for independence and the subsequent journey towards a New India, women have consistently been alongside men, contributing significantly to our nation's progress."

"This moment is profoundly emotional for me. It was my late husband, Rajiv Gandhi, who initially tabled the bill advocating reservations for women in civic and panchayat elections. Subsequently, it was ratified by the Parliament under the leadership of PV Narasimha Rao."

"The realization of the Women's Reservation Bill in the Parliament will be the fulfillment of Rajeev Gandhi's cherished dream."

"While we are delighted that the bill is poised for parliamentary approval, we do harbor some apprehensions. Indian women have patiently awaited this moment for an extended period, yet there are reports suggesting a further delay before they can secure reservations."

"The Congress party insists that women's reservations be implemented immediately following a comprehensive caste-based census. Furthermore, reservations must be guaranteed for women from the SC, ST, and OBC categories based on the census results."

"This is a fitting occasion to express our heartfelt gratitude to the women of our nation for their invaluable contributions. Any delay in executing this bill would be a grave injustice to our women."

In her impassioned speech, Sonia Gandhi highlighted the indomitable spirit of Indian women and called for swift action to ensure gender equality and empowerment through the Women's Reservation Bill.

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