Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: Astrology Views on election results and who will win this Counting race

May 23 2019 09:02 AM
Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: Astrology Views on election results and who will win this Counting race

Now the results of the Lok Sabha election 2019 are just a few hours left, in such a situation, the leader and the people are eagerly awaiting the election defeat and victory. As long as the electoral results do not come, everyone has the curiosity that what will be the status of all the parties in this election, or which party will emerge stronger. Let's assess this with the horoscope of all the politicians –

Mamata Banerjee Mamta Banerjee is born on 5th January, 1952 at 7:00 am, according to which the Capricorn marriage and aries are made. The causative planets are very favorable at the beginning of the birth system. Mamta Banerjee, who has been continuously making progress and strong success since 38 years of age, but if she is talking about the present, Rahu's Mahadasha and Mars are going on, which will end on July 27, 2019. This condition will not be very good for Mamta Didi. In the year-wise horoscope of Saturn Mercury in the year horoscope, Venus and Guru's battles are a sign of little difficulties. It seems that Mamta didi has weakened in this election and undoubtedly the BJP has succeeded in strengthening its position there. The signs of the planets show that the path ahead for Mamta Siddi is a bit difficult, but even then, on May 23, the time the results are coming, that time will be said to be slightly favorable for them, because of the presence of Sun Mercury in Taurus and Venus Being in Aries and having Saturn in the Sagittarius amount is the sign of the true triangle of Saturn and Venus, clearly indicating favorable condition. In such a situation, Mamta Banerjee will not have much harm in Bengal politics. It is different from the fact that the number of seats will not be in their mind. At the same time, during the election in Sakhua, Jupiter was bad because of the status of Jupiter marriage, which stresses anxiety, but in the time of the present time, Ashtmesh Guru will also not be said to be suitable. At the same time, Taurus's Mars is also an indicator of the concern at the time of election.

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Rahul Gandhi Congress President Rahul Gandhi was born on June 19, 1970 at 2:45 in Delhi, on the basis of which he is born and is wealth Sagittarius. The main factor of birth journal and Governing Planet Saturn is found in variable amount in seventh house.  Talking about the current election, since Scorpio's Jupiter has come, since then, the time of success has started for Rahul Gandhi, because the biggest factor in his birth certificate is that of the planet Guru, who is sitting in the marriage, who is sitting on Saturn There is no vision, that is why lack of diplomacy and speech is visible inside Rahul Gandhi. That's why he is not getting very strong in politics.

In the transit from April 6 to April 23, 2019, Jupiter should be in Sagittarius and till April 28, 2019, when the election had started, it will not be called a good time for Rahul Gandhi from the political point of view. Whatever votes will be cast during this time, it will not be said to be beneficial for Rahul Gandhi, but Rahul Gandhi has got success in the votes cast after that. Since October 2018, Rahul Gandhi's political position has started getting stronger and in this election, the situation of the Congress has improved under his leadership rather than earlier elections. But Rahul Gandhi's horoscope does not seem to see such a strong planet, who should be told to see that he will be the next prime minister or to run the Congress firmly on his own. However, in the General Elections of 2019, under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party is going to meet a lot more seats than the former and it will emerge as a very strong party, there is no possibility of it far and wide.

Akhilesh Yadav Akhilesh Yadav who is born on October 24, 1972 at 5:30 ETA, on the basis of his daughter's marriage and Aries amount. Between April 6 and April 23, Jupiter was in the same place in the vicinity, which was harmful to Akhilesh Yadav and became an indicator of the activists' activism. In such a scenario, the time of election will not be said to be favorable for Akhilesh. At the same time, Mangalas of the Brahma zodiac face a hostile situation by sitting in fate place, which also brings together political opposition as well as political opposition.

As a result, there are indications that there is no hope of getting results, after the April 28 elections, the beneficial plan for Akhilesh has been strengthened in the final phases and Venus, Mercury's strategy is also beneficial. Talk about the daily cycle of 23 May 2019, there is no favorable day for Akhilesh. The signs of the planets show that they are not getting good results.

Mayawati The biggest change in the politics of Uttar Pradesh was seen when Akhilesh and Mayawati jointly announced their fight for electoral war. So it is very important to assess the planets of BSP chief Mayawati. Well Mayawati was born on January 15, 1956 at 6:04 pm On this basis, his cancer is made in marriage and Capricorn. Mayawati is currently running at the helm and the position of the bad planets is quite strong. Despite all this, May 23 is going to be a little beneficial for Mayawati, because according to Capricorn, Sun Mercury and XX Guruji of Taurus are creating some good signs. Even if Mayawati's account is not open for the last time, but surely this time she is going to get some seats. On seeing the birth certificate of Akhilesh and Maya, it is as clear as a mirror that according to the hopes of the alliance, the two leaders are not going to get results.

Narendra Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 at 9:45 in Mehsana, Gujarat. On the basis of which she is born, her birth bent and zodiac scorpio is made. In the birth certificate of Narendra Modi, Panchamastha Guru is a self-respecting theorist and in a very large social life, but also reflects the personality that follows the spiritual life. Presently all the factors of his birth certificate are in a very strong position in accordance with his degree. At the same time, the yoga of a strong ruler while making the relation of the original triangle from Jupiter, sitting in the tenth house of the sixth house in the ninth house, has remained the sum of a strong ruler, as well as the successor to Venkata, in the seventh of Venus, it is an indicator of the fruits of fate. In this way, according to the birth cycle, the presence of Buddha in the Mahadasha of Devash Chandra Buddha will be called a strong yoga condition, which is helpful in giving full support to Narendra Modi.


During the election, the planets of 11th April, 18th April, 29th April and 12th May will be very favorable if talk about transit and daily cycles. Whatever the vote this time has cast, it will prove to be very helpful in bringing Narendra Modi's success. In such a situation, if we assess, then undoubtedly Narendra Modi will be able to get a majority or will be adjacent to the majority. In all the leaders, Narendra Modi's birth certificate is currently in the strongest position, which has the capacity to become Prime Minister. Also, yoga is also going to be governed further. In such a situation, the path to return to power in Narendra Modi's power is evident. However, if you see the daily cycle of day-to-day results of 23 May 2019, then for a little Prime Minister, there is a disadvantage of some bad planets, which will put them in anxiety, but still Narendra Modi will definitely reach the majority and will be able to form the government Will be there.

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