Lok Sabha to Discuss No-Confidence Motion on Aug 8,9; Reply on August 10
Lok Sabha to Discuss No-Confidence Motion on Aug 8,9; Reply on August 10

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha is set to witness a crucial debate on the no-confidence motion against the BJP-led government on August 8 and 9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will respond to the motion on August 10, according to reliable sources.

Acceptance of No-Confidence Motion: The no-confidence motion, which was proposed by opposition parties belonging to the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A), was accepted by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla last week. The move came in the wake of days of protest by the opposition, demanding a thorough discussion on the issue of violence in Manipur and seeking a statement from the Prime Minister.

Initiator of the Motion: Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi acted as the initiator of the no-confidence motion on July 26, representing the united front of the I.N.D.I.A alliance. This move has set the stage for a significant political showdown in the Parliament.

Timetable for the Debate
Once the motion was officially admitted, the Speaker, Om Birla, declared that the date and time for the debate would be determined subsequently. The scheduled dates of August 8 and 9 will provide ample time for all concerned parties to present their arguments and engage in a comprehensive discussion on the pressing matters at hand.

Government's Preparedness for Debate: In response to the no-confidence motion, the government expressed its readiness for a thorough debate on the subject at a time specified by the Speaker. This willingness to engage in a constructive discussion demonstrates the government's commitment to address the concerns raised by the opposition and ensure a transparent exchange of ideas.

Government's preparedness: The upcoming debate on the no-confidence motion is a significant event in India's political landscape. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi's response expected on August 10, all eyes will be on the Lok Sabha as it deliberates on the motion on August 8 and 9. The acceptance of the motion and the government's willingness to engage in a comprehensive discussion are essential steps in ensuring a democratic and transparent decision-making process. As the nation awaits the outcome of this pivotal debate, the Parliament stands as a beacon of democracy, offering a platform for open dialogue and resolving crucial issues that impact the nation's progress and development.

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