London-Based Abstract Artist Shreena Patel Was Up for 3 Awards Against the Likes of Bridgeton Cast

London-born abstract painter Shreena Patel has made a name for herself in the art industry. She also makes amazing textured canvas paintings. Shreena's clients include some of the most well-known people in the UK and India, who are devoted followers of her superb work. Along with inspiring people with her creations, Patel wants to create awareness in society through her work.

Since she was a young girl, Shreena has been fascinated with painting. "Since I was very young—4 years old, to be exact—art has always been my ideal career and passion. As a result of my full-time dedication to my artistic endeavours my paintings have been placed in many residences, workplaces, and temples," she reveals.

200 Diva Lamps were painted by artist Shreena Patel in a week for Diwali in 2022. She established this record for the BAPS Neasden Temple in just one week during Diwali. Having the chance to paint Pramukh Swami Maharaj's picture for the celebrations of his 100th birthday represents another significant accomplishment in Patel's career as an artist.

Being an artist also means you work getting wide recognition and nominations for various awards. The painter was nominated for three awards against the Bridgerton Cast in the Arts and Culture category. One of them was the Asian Achiever's Awards in the Arts and Culture Category.

For the upcoming awards seasons, abstract artist Shreena Patel is nominated in the Arts and Culture Category for the Eastern Eye ACTA Awards. The awards function will take place in February 2023 as it was postponed early due to the demise of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

Another award for which Shreena is nominated is the SHE Awards, and she is the finalist in the Arts and Culture category. The award function will take place in March 2023.  

About getting nominated for such prominent awards and categories, Shreena shares, "As an artist, it’s amazing when people understand, acknowledge and recognise our work. Particularly being a South Asian artist- such appreciation and nominations mean the world to me. It would be icing on the cake to actually win an award! It will also encourage other artists like me to pursue their dreams and paint despite all of the challenges that may come their way."

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