Gangaram Hospital doctor said, "Lockdown should take place for a long time..."

The second wave of corona wreaked havoc in India. More than two million new corona cases have been reported on the third day in a row. Not only this, for the first time ever since the onset of the epidemic, most of the infected have died in a day. According to the latest report of the Health Ministry, 234,692 new corona cases have come in the last 24 hours and 1341 infected people have lost their lives. After which Dr. Shyam Aggarwal of Delhi's Sir Gangaram Hospital said with the claim that only lockdown can stop the transmission of coronavirus. 

He said - in four to five days, the number of cases is increasing twice, so the lockdown of more days should be imposed for some time. This can prevent the coronavirus from spreading. He would suggest a lockdown for 7 days in the initial days. This will reduce the number of cases that are now crossing the 2 lakh mark. At the same time, he cited the example of the United Kingdom (UK), France, and Italy, saying that it took two to three days to see the effect of lockdown in these countries. 

The doctor further cited the example of Maharashtra and said that we need the same rigor as in Maharashtra now. He also said that this altered form of the virus is very dangerous. He further said that according to a study, 60 percent of people are likely to get infected with this new strain (altered form) which is very dangerous, this could lead to active cases of corona in India in the coming days to three to four lakhs.

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