On Janmashtami, know these 10 things related to Shri Krishna

Aug 23 2019 03:57 PM
On Janmashtami, know these 10 things related to Shri Krishna

Today, Shri Krishna Janmashtami is being celebrated. According to the Hindu calendar, Krishna Janmashtami or the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated on the eighth day of the Krishna side of Bhadrapada month and Lord Krishna is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

In this case, at 12 o'clock in the night of Ashtami, the fast is performed at the behest of Lord Krishna. This time Janmashtami is being celebrated on 23rd August but at the same time, people will celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on the 24th of August. So today we are going to tell you these 10 important things about Shri Krishna.

Janmashtami is being celebrated on 23rd and 24th August; worship like this to remain rich!

1. Guru: Guru Sandimani gave Shri Krishna 14 Vidya and 64 arts knowledge.
2. Kul: They say their total is Yadukul (the 18th branch of Yadukul was running at birth)
3. Total Kindness: His worship is said to give godly grace, Shastra grace, guru grace, and self-grace.
5. Srikrishna Marks: Tell you that their sign peacock crown and flute
5. Establishment: Dwarka and Indraprastha were resettled

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6. Combination of Eight: Tell all of you that the eight marks in Shri Krishna's life have special significance and he was born as the eighth son of Vasudeva on the Ashtami day of the eighth Manu. At the same time, he had eight close friends and eight friends.
7. Famous Ballila: Soil is food.
8. Dear Indulge: Butter-mixy Sri Krishna loves it.
9. Dear Ras: Dandiya
10. Siddha Mantra:

Here is Muhurat - Ashtami Date - 24th August night from 12:01 to 12:46

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