Lou Ottens, who invented audio cassettes, passed away
Lou Ottens, who invented audio cassettes, passed away

When it comes to audio cassettes, children of the 90s remember their childhood. Listening to your favorite song by putting audio cassettes on the deck. Sitting cassette reels with pen and pencil after sitting for hours. Imagine if there were no audio cassettes, we would not have had so many memories of childhood. All of our delights go to Lou Ottens, who invented audio cassettes. Sadly, the person who made us so happy by making audio cassettes is no longer among us.

Lou Ottens, who invented the same audio cassettes, died at the age of 94. Reportedly, in 1960 Lou Ottens was made head of Philips' products development department. Due to this, he along with the team discovered audio cassettes. He is said to have signed a contract with Philips and Sony over audio cassettes, after which he became very popular worldwide.

According to the information, Ottens was from the Netherlands and in 1961 he presented the first portable tape recorder to the world. It is said that one million copies of the tape recorder have been sold so far. Born in 1926 at BellingWolde, Ottens did engineering. He then started working in a Belgian factory in 1952. This is a result of the hard work of Ottens, which has so far sold nearly 100 billion audio cassettes and 200 million CDs worldwide.

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