LPG Gas Prices Slashed: Check Out the New Rates
LPG Gas Prices Slashed: Check Out the New Rates

Starting May 1st, the price of commercial LPG gas cylinders has dropped by Rs.19 following updates from oil companies. In Delhi, the retail price for a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder is now Rs.1,745.50.

Last month, the price was Rs.1,764.50, reflecting a reduction of Rs.30.50. Similarly, in Mumbai, the new price is Rs.1,698.50, down from Rs.1,717.50. Chennai sees a revision to Rs.1,911, while Kolkata's price is now Rs.1,859, reduced by Rs.20.

This adjustment coincides with a global decrease in oil prices. Typically, revisions occur on the first day of each month for both commercial and domestic LPG cylinders.

The fall in oil prices may be attributed to increased crude inventories in the US and expectations of a Middle East ceasefire. International oil price fluctuations, tax policy changes, and supply-demand dynamics influence these adjustments.

The opposition Congress party has criticized the ruling BJP-led NDA government for failing to control fuel prices, which impact the cost of essential goods.

Additionally, the central government has reduced the windfall tax on crude petroleum, leading to a revision in the special additional excise duty (SAED) from Rs.9,600 to Rs.8,400 per tonne. This adjustment was made after the SAED was increased to Rs.9,600 per tonne on April 16th.

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