Luckhmeet Singh Saluja aka Raj Saluja talks about the life lessons he learnt after starting his business

May 24 2020 04:16 PM
Luckhmeet Singh Saluja aka Raj Saluja talks about the life lessons he learnt after starting his business

While doing a job, there is a fixed routine with a fixed income of an individual every month. When we talk about entrepreneurship or having a business, there is no fixed work routine and even the income generated varies from month to month. However, many people have contrasting opinions about the two depending on their choices. Luckhmeet Singh Saluja aka Raj Saluja who always had an idea of establishing his own business did not ever think of working under somebody. “I was never tempted by the big companies or brands as I wanted to build my own brand”, he quoted. His first venture was the establishment of the event company in Lucknow. The field of business has taught the entrepreneur various lessons. He stated that he wakes up every morning with a positive attitude to face all the difficulties with a smile. As the business has its own ups and downs, he explained how financial support is the need of every hour. Besides this, he added, “In business never trust anyone. When people fail, they tend to speak negatively about you. Focus on your business and not their talks.”

The young lad is graduated from Lucknow University with specializing in business, administration, and management. In the past few years, Luckhmeet has associated with many actors, singers, entrepreneurs, and other reputed personalities from different fields.

Apart from his event company, Luckhmeet is also the owner of The Penthouse Café in Lucknow. He further plans to establish another business in the restaurant and culinary industry by the next 3 years. “Investing in the food and restaurant business is always a profitable venture. All it depends on is the quality you provide to the customers. The restaurant industry has cut-throat competition. If you manage to create a loyal customer base, then there’s no stopping for your business to grow”, added the entrepreneur. Since the last two years, Luckhmeet Singh Saluja has also brought many big names under the same roof in Color Jam – The Holi Fest, the biggest Holi festival organized by him in Lucknow.

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