'Take action that will become a precedent', CM Yogi's strict instructions on the violence

Lucknow: Anti-social elements of a particular community created a ruckus in several cities, including Prayagraj, after Kanpur and Jumei prayers. However, the government has also fully geared up to deal with such rioters. In fact, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked senior officials of the police administration across the state to take action that will be a precedent. Then no one can even think of spoiling the atmosphere of the state. Anticipating a resumption of such incidents, Yogi has asked the police administration to remain in alert mode round the clock. Not only this, it has also given clear instructions that do not to disturb any innocent and not to spare a single culprit. In fact, on Saturday, the Chief Minister reviewed the law and order situation with senior officials of the police administration across the state through a video conference at his official residence.

He said that in the recent past, anti-social elements in different districts of the state including Kanpur, Prayagraj, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Hathras, Firozabad, and Ambedkarnagar tried to disturb the atmosphere of peace and harmony. Although a similar attempt was made in Kanpur earlier on June 3, vigilance instructions were given, which led to peace in most of the districts of the state. This peace system has to be maintained so that you have to be alert. Apart from this, Yogi said, "Effective action has been taken by the police and administration on the evil anti-social efforts. The situation is currently under control, but we have to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Be in alert mode round the clock.''

The CM cautioned that It is said that the conspirators have resorted to juveniles for their devious purposes. In such a situation, the identity of the main conspirator is necessary. It has to be understood that anti-social elements can make such efforts again in the coming days. The aim of these people is to disturb the peace and harmony of the state. We have to thwart such attempts while working as a team. He further said, "With the advice of communication with all the parties, religious leaders and the enlightened people of the society, Yogi directed to continue strict action against the miscreants. Let the action be such that it becomes a precedent for all the elements having anti-social thinking. No one can even think of disturbing the atmosphere.''

Apart from this, Chief Minister Yogi said, "Field officers have the power to take all kinds of decisions to keep law and order strong. Take appropriate decisions considering the local situation. In any district where the atmosphere is likely to deteriorate in the coming days, Section 144 should be imposed as per the need.'' Apart from this, the CM gave strict instructions to the officials that in every case, the damage to the public and public property should be recovered from the guilty person concerned. In fact, the process of sending the recovery notices in Prayagraj has now started and other districts should also take prompt action. For this, a Tribunal has been constituted, the strictest possible action should be taken as per the rules. Apart from this, he said that illegal earnings are spent only on anti-social activities. In such a situation, collect the complete details of bank accounts and assets etc. of the conspirators and accused. Their financial source should be examined thoroughly. Investigate by forming a dedicated team and senior officers should lead in such cases.

He also said, "The action of bulldozers is against professional criminals-mafia. Let this action be continued. The officials were warned that no action will be taken by mistake at the house of any poor person in the state. If a poor, helpless person has built a house in an unfit place for some reason, then, first, it should be properly managed by the local administration, then action should be taken.''

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