Driver arrested for raping a cleaning worker woman
Driver arrested for raping a cleaning worker woman

A new case of crime is reported from Lucknow which will surprise you. In this case, the Kakori police, after working hard for a long time, have taken the ambulance driver in his custody and arrested him, accused of raping the sanitary worker of the private hospital.

In this case, the woman told that on Wednesday, she was going home after finishing her duty. After getting out of the hospital, he found Rana Singh, a resident of Malihabad, and seated the girl in the car, on the pretext of leaving the house. After that, the accused went to the deserted place located in Jaggers Park with the female worker. When the woman opposed him saying that she was going on the wrong path, the accused assaulted her and committed the misconduct.

After misbehaving in this case, he escaped by throwing the woman on the roadside. In this case, after reaching home in a disgraceful condition, the woman told the family to have an incident and then filed a case against Rana Singh at Kakori police station. Kakori Inspector Ghanshyam Tripathi told that Rana Singh was arrested and it has been revealed in the investigation that the accused used to work in the hospital of the female worker.

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