Miscreants kidnap female teacher by smelling intoxicating substance, looted her and escape

Jan 26 2020 04:32 PM
Miscreants kidnap female teacher by smelling intoxicating substance, looted her and escape

A case has come out from Lucknow. In this case, the teacher, who had gone missing from Malihabad area on Wednesday night under suspicious circumstances, returned home on Thursday afternoon in a senseless situation. The woman said that the miscreants had kidnapped her intoxicated by smelling the intoxicants and then looted her and threw her into the forest. According to the information received, when she regained consciousness on Thursday morning, she went to her house somehow and remembered it by going there. In this case, the woman has alleged, "The Malihabad police remained silent for a long time after talking about the phone location and the teacher's brother Krishna told that the entire family was searching for the missing Suchirani Gupta since Wednesday night." 

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In this case, it has also been reported that "Suchirani Gupta, a resident of Saadatganj, is an assistant teacher in Soma, a primary school in Sandila block. She is married in the month of February. On Wednesday, she left the school and went to the block officer's office near Sandila station to take a wedding leave. While returning home, she went missing from Malihabad on the way. On reaching the house, the family members of the woman lodged a missing person in the Malihabad police station."

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Further, she said, "During this time, the missing Suchirani reached home at around one and a half hours on Thursday. The family was stunned after seeing her drunk but she fainted. After coming to consciousness, the woman told that 5 people were already present in the car in which she was sitting. Two rides took off midway. During this time, a person sitting next to her placed a handkerchief on her mouth, causing her to faint. She does not remember anything that happened to her after this. When she regained consciousness on Thursday morning, she was lying on a road on the edge of a village. After walking for some time, she stopped the e-rickshaw and reached home from it." Brother Krishna said," The miscreants have robbed Rs 20,000, gold chains, and two phones from his sister. " The police is engaged in investigation on the basis of time complaint.

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