These are the symptoms of the lumps in the uterus and its treatment

Oct 10 2019 09:58 AM
These are the symptoms of the lumps in the uterus and its treatment

The problem of uterine lumps in women is seen spreading very fast nowadays. Many people also know it by the name of Rasouli. In the beginning of rasauli it remains in the form of a very small grain and gradually increases its size. Many times women do not talk to anyone about this disease and endure a lot of suffering. But ignoring these lumps can be very heavy because it can take the form of cancer in future. There can be many reasons for making rasauli. These may be due to an overproduction of estrogen hormone or a genetic cause. Many times, due to the contraceptive pills taken by women, lumps are also formed in the uterus.

It is possible to cure it by eating amla and green tea as well as turmeric and garlic. During periods, heavy bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle, pain in the lower part of the abdomen, bleeding from the private part, anemia, feeling of weakness. In addition, if there is stinky discharge from the private part, or frequent urination. If there are such symptoms in the body, then there are signs of rasauli. Due to lumps in uterus, fertilization of sperm and sperm does not cause infertility. Genetic obesity is also a reason. By keeping their diet right, drinking water and incorporating exercise into the routine, women can avoid this problem. At the same time yoga also has great benefits.

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