Is third lunar eclipse of year will be visible to general public in India?
Is third lunar eclipse of year will be visible to general public in India?

July 5 has come very close. On this day, the third lunar eclipse of 2020 is going to happen. January was the first lunar eclipse of the year to change the fortunes. This was followed by the second lunar eclipse of the year on 5 June. This time a third eclipse is about to happen. Before this, there was a lunar eclipse on 5 June and then a solar eclipse on 1 June. Both eclipses were also seen in India. However, the eclipse that occurs on 5 July will take place on Ashada Purnima. Due to this, this eclipse is on the day of Guru Purnima.

The lunar eclipse that will happen on July 5 will be the eclipse lunar (Penumbra Lunar Eclipse). We will explain to you in detail about this lunar eclipse. This happens when the earth comes between the sun and the moon but all three are not in the same line. Ambr does not fall on the small surface of the moon. The shadow falling from the middle part of the earth is called Umbra. The rest of the moon has a shadow of the outer part of the earth, which is called Penumbra. Due to this, such eclipse is called the eclipse.

Will people get to see lunar eclipse in India?

This time lunar eclipse is going to happen after sunrise on 5 July. In India, this situation is going to happen only after sunrise. Indians will not be able to see the eclipse. Due to this, the eclipse on July 5 will also not take the Sutak period. People will be able to worship Guru Purnima without any problem. The eclipse on July 5 will be seen in America, Australia, Pacific, and Antarctica. This eclipse will last for about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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