Madrasa student arrested for abducting teenage Hindu girl

Lucknow: A madrasa student in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao district has been arrested for allegedly driving away a Hindu girl living in the neighbourhood. Took the accused young man and the girl to the police station and the parents of both were summoned to the police station. According to the police, a case will be registered in this case after receiving the complaint.  

According to the information, the youth living in the Bara Sagwar area studies in a madrasa in Jajmau. It is alleged that he had trapped the young woman in front of the house in his love trap. On Thursday, the young man somehow lured the teenager and called her from home. The two reached Gadankheda square and started searching for a secluded place for conversation. The duo then went to a hotel where the manager asked them for a copy of the Aadhaar card. Due to a lack of an Aadhaar card, both of them reached a cafe in Lalaukheda.

The manager of the cafe got suspicious after seeing the gesture both of them and informed the provincial minister of Hindu Jagran Manch Vimal Dwivedi on a call. Meanwhile, the matter reached the police. The police reached the cafe and brought the two to the police post. The police called the parents of both of them to the outpost. Police officer Rajesh Pathak said a case would be registered on receipt of the complaint.

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