700 grams of gold seized at Jaipur airport, 2 women arrested

Jaipur: Two women were arrested with 700 grams of gold at the Jaipur International Airport by customs officials. The value of the seized gold is said to be around Rs 43.12 lakh. Looking at women, no one will believe that they are smuggling gold. At present, both women have been taken into custody.

Gold weighing 700 grams was recovered from two women passengers who arrived at the Jaipur International Airport from Bangkok on Wednesday, a customs official said. The women made capsules and hid gold in their rectum. When the officers saw it, they did not believe it at one time. The gold capsules were made in cylinder shape. Both women had reached Jaipur with gold from Bangkok. According to the report, gold is being recovered from the women under the Customs Act and they are being questioned.

Customs DC Neelima Khorwal has said that two women had arrived at Jaipur airport on a flight from Bangkok. Seeing both of them, the customs officials got suspicious. They stopped the women passengers as suspects and frisked them. When questioned, she got scared and could not give a satisfactory answer. Her response made the officials suspicious. However, she denied having any kind of object with her.

After this, the customs department team searched their luggage, but the officials did not find anything. At the same time, when the officers examined the two women, they found two gold capsules of 350-350 grams of gold in the shape of a cylinder, which the women had hidden in the rectum. Whose weight was about 700 grams. Its price is about 43.12 lakhs. After this, the customs officer seized the smuggled gold and is interrogating the women. Let us know that incidents of gold smuggling are often reported at Jaipur International Airport.

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