MP: Chambal river water rose amid heavy rains, 300 people stranded on island

Bhopal: Unseasonal rain has started raining in many parts of the country. Madhya Pradesh is also on the list where rain is affecting farmers and normal life. More than 300 people were engulfed in the water late last night at Madrain Ghat in the Sabalgarh area due to heavy rains last Monday. The men were reportedly returning from Karauli mata temple. It is also reported that the men reached Madrain Ghat and from there they reached the island from where they are mounted in the steamer on foot in the Chambal river. As soon as the people reached the island, the water level of the Chambal river suddenly increased causing people to get engulfed in water from all sides.

Women and children were among the passengers and people called the Tetra police station and informed them. The police team that reached the spot somehow evacuated the people from the island. The incident is said to have taken place late last Monday evening. According to some media reports, the steamer runs between Attar Ghat and Madrain Ghat in the Chambal river flowing in Sabalgarh. In fact, there is only one steamer and there is a movement of people on both sides. The steamer is said to have been running poorly for a few days. More than 300 people were returning to Sabalgarh last Monday after performing the caste (puja) of Karauli Mata.

The men reportedly reached Madrain Ghat. From there, they walked into the Chambal river to the island from where the steamer was mounted and the steamer was bad. That was being corrected. The people were reportedly waiting but suddenly the water level of the Chambal river increased. As soon as the water level rose, the water around the island increased. When people were worried about the water flowing, they immediately called the Tantra police station and reported the problem. Soon after seeing the case, the staff of Tantra police station rushed to the spot and repaired the steamer quickly and evacuated people from the spot. SDM Sabalgarh LK Pandey and SDOP Sabalgarh Guruvachan Singh also rushed to the spot as soon as the district administration received the news of people being trapped.

In the entire case, SDOP Guruvachan Singh said that as soon as he came to know about the people being trapped, he took the mechanic from Sabalgarh and got the steamer repaired immediately. All the people were evacuated safely after the steamer improved. At present, everybody is safe.

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