Man buries wife's body in cow dug to revive her

Sep 01 2020 11:15 AM
Man buries wife's body in cow dug to revive her

Bhopal: In order to revive the wife with the help of a magician in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, a man has killed his wife and later covered her corpse with cow dung. After the case came to light, the police arrested the accused person Bhaiyalal Ivane. Chicholi police station in-charge Deepak Parashar said that the police had recovered Sunita Evne's body from a house in Chicholi village on August 28.

He further stated that the corpse was covered with cow dung. The police got the information after some villagers complained about the foul smell coming from the house of the accused. During the investigation, Bhaiyyalal said that he had gone out of the city and does not know who killed his wife. Police said, 'Investigations have revealed that Bhaiyalal had a drinking addiction, due to which his three children left home and moved to live elsewhere. He also used to beat his wife overnight. When the police strictly interrogated the accused Bhaiyyalal, he accepted his crime.

Police in-charge Deepak Parashar told that, 'Bhaiyalal had a dispute with his wife on the night of 26 August. He hit the wife's head with a stick and the wife died instantly on the spot. Subsequently, a magician said that he could bring the woman back to life. Admitting the same, the accused covered the wife's corpse with cow dung. Earlier, he could do further work, after reaching the police, recovered the body and arrested the accused. Now the police is searching for the magician.

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