Madhya Pradesh: Woman killed her own girl child as she wanted boy

Oct 04 2020 04:12 PM
Madhya Pradesh: Woman killed her own girl child as she wanted boy

Bhopal: A sensational incident has been reported in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. In Chijura village, which falls under the Salha police station area of the district, a mother threw a 12-day-old daughter in the river as she wanted son. This heart-rending incident happened on September 29. The father had lodged a report of the disappearance of his 12-day-old girl. In the meantime, the mother was misleading the police and the family. He later admitted his crime.

The police arrested the accused woman on Saturday. Dinesh Father Ramadhar Kushwaha, 27, said that on the night of 29th September, he was sleeping with wife Suman Kushwaha and Sala Devideen. At about four o'clock in the morning, the wife woke up and told her that she had gone for daily action when she came back, the child was not on a bunk. On the second day, the Salha police and Dial 100 started research, and the newborn's body was found floating in the water in the River Gurgaon.

When the police questioned the family, including the mother and father of the dead, the accused Suman Kushwaha said he was not happy with the birth of the daughter. She wanted a son. At night, he picked up the dudhmunhi girl and took her to the Panghata ghat of the River Gurgaon and killed her. After that, the story of the girl's disappearance began to mislead her husband. The police has registered a case and taken the accused woman to rest.

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