Grandparents murdered 2-day-old innocent, stabbed 80 times with knife

Oct 03 2020 12:13 PM
Grandparents murdered 2-day-old innocent, stabbed 80 times with knife

Bhopal: A two-day-old girl's body was found in the Ayodhya Nagar area of Bhopal. The police have arrested the girl's maternal grandmother in this case for the murder. According to the police, the girl got pregnant after an illicit relationship with a boy and gave birth to a child in the past. When the daughter gave birth to a girl, due to the fear of society, the maternal grandfather killed the innocent.

According to the police, grandparents hit the 2-day-old innocent in the darkness of the night with a knife, blade and when the girl died, threw her body in the bushes. In the Ayodhya Nagar area of Bhopal, a few days ago the body of a 2-day-old girl was recovered from the bushes. Seeing the wound on the body of the girl, the police initially thought that some animal must have killed the girl. But in the post-mortem report, it was revealed that she has been attacked.

According to the postmortem report, more than 80 attacks were made on the girl's body with a sharp weapon. After this, the direction of the investigation changed and the police started investigating it from the angle of murder and got involved in the investigation of the case. The first major challenge before the police was to find the parents of the child. For this, the police collected information from the hospitals about the girl child born within a week of receiving the body and also checked the footage of all the CCTV cameras installed up to 5 km from the site of the incident.

During the investigation, the police got information about the midwife Vidyabai and her husband Puran Singh. When the police strictly questioned Puran Singh Ahirwar and his wife, the matter was cleared. According to police, the two confessed to their crime and told that their daughter had become pregnant in January after having an illicit relationship with a young man. There is no infamy of daughter and family, so mother Vidyabai delivered the pregnant daughter at home. Police have recovered the knife and blade used in the incident.

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