Minister Usha Thakur during her speech, says,
Minister Usha Thakur during her speech, says, "Terrorists are born in Madrasas"

New Delhi: Usha Thakur, Minister in the Madhya Pradesh government, has recently made a controversial statement. Usha made a statement in Indore last Tuesday which has now been stirred up. She said, "All terrorists are born in Madarsas. The Madarsas had converted Jammu and Kashmir into a terrorist factory. Madrassas which cannot follow nationalism should be merged into the existing education system. In addition, Minister Usha has also appealed to the government to stop madarsas running at government expenditure. '

In addition, Usha also said, "These madrasas are radical and terrorist born here. In her further statement, she also referred to the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and said, "The Wakf board itself is a strong institution, so its official help should be discontinued. '

In addition, Minister Usha Thakur also said, "Students are alike. Religion-based education is creating bigotry and spreading a sense of xenophobia. The Wakf Board is a competent institution. The official help of Madarsas should also be discontinued. If somebody wants to give religious rites privately, our Constitution gives exemption for that". Cabinet minister Usha Thakur also targeted former Chief Minister Kamal Nath. She said, "just as the government of 15 months of falsehood was there, 10% tax was levied on temples and 5000 rupees were given to clerics and imams from the exchequer, the people will respond on November 3. '

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