Crisis on small entrepreneurs due to lockdown, entire chain is deteriorating

The lockdown has affected every job. After getting permission from the government, middle-class entrepreneurs are starting their own business, but the challenge is still facing by small entrepreneurs related to food processing. The biggest problem is the supply of raw materials. Other shops that buy their products are also unable to open. Till the time the transport is restored, these industries will also not gain momentum.

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There has been no restriction on pharmaceutical products and food processing, but due to the lockdown, the business has come to a standstill due to the collapse of workers' houses and many moving to their villages or homes. The biggest need is the raw material for the product. For example, tomato sauce is required for tomatoes. Initially, the tomatoes were produced, but later it had to be discontinued. Similarly, due to non-supply of potato for chips, the business had to be closed. Namkeen, Chuda, Masala or many more such production were stalled. In front of the entrepreneurs, the loan interest of the bank, electricity bill, wages of workers and all other expenses remain unchanged.

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Let the entrepreneurs ask the government on this, but no satisfactory announcement has been made in their interest. Once again, the entrepreneurs have come back, but the challenges of resources have added to the trouble. Due to the lockdown of the challenge of packaging, the businessmen who finalized the food processing related products became inactive. The result is that tomato sauce, chips or other products, their packaging challenge remains intact. The entire cycle of business of small entrepreneurs has deteriorated. It is difficult to start a new business because of the chain collapse.

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