Madhya Pradesh Dead Man head was found in Bengaluru after 2 weeks

Oct 17 2020 11:57 AM
Madhya Pradesh Dead Man head was found in Bengaluru after 2 weeks

The head of a man was found intertwined in the engine of Rajdhani express train in Banghalore whose trunk was found in the railway tracks near Betul in Madhya Pradesh two weeks back. Head and Trunk was found nearly 1,300 kms away.  The man's body, with head and some other parts missing, was found on October 3 on the Machna Bridge near Betul by the Government Railway Police (GRP), a police official said. The GRP police said upon investigation, we came to know New delhi- Bengaluru Rajadhani express has ran over a man an alert was given as the body parts were missing.

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The body parts collected from the track is under preservation post autopsy. The Bengaluru railway staff has recovered the head on October 4 and the photo is circulated to know the identity of the victim and finally clued with Betul torso. On October 8, the Betul GRP was informed about the recovery of a man's head found entangled in the engine of the Rajdhani express train. It was found to be that of Ravi Markam (28), a resident of Betul, as his family members identified it, Betul GRP constable Vedprakash said. A police team from Bengaluru has come to Betul to conduct a probe into the case, he added.

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Due to financial reasons the deceased's family members were unable to go to Bengaluru so the police buried the head in Bengaluru. The remaining dismembered body parts were handed over to the family for the last rites. However, whether it is a suicide or an accident on the tracks is not known yet. The investigation is on track and a case has been filed.

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