Indore: Three buses burnt to ashes due to fire, stampede among passengers

Dec 08 2019 01:11 PM
Indore: Three buses burnt to ashes due to fire, stampede among passengers

Indore: In the Musakhedi area of Madhya Pradesh's financial capital, Indore city, chaos erupted late on Saturday when 3 buses of Citizen Travels suddenly erupted on the service road of three Imli intersection. Passengers were frightened to see flames coming out of the bus. Passengers escaped and saved their lives. The short circuit is said to be the cause of the fire. Police is investigating the case.

According to the information, 3 passenger buses of Citizen Travels and Kamla Travels were parked in the parking lot in Musakhedi area on Ring Road. During this time a bus suddenly caught fire due to short circuit. The fire reached the diesel tank of the bus and in a short time the fire took a fiery form. Two other buses standing alongside also took fire. As soon as the people present there saw the buses burning, a stampede ensued.

People immediately informed the police and the fire brigade about this. Even before the fire brigade arrived, all three buses were completely gutted. The fire brigade somehow managed to control the fire. It is being told that out of the three buses that caught fire, one of the new buses was from Volvo, which was going to open on Sunday. According to preliminary information, the fire has been caused by the short circuit, but police are registering the case and investigating other reasons.

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