Impact of corona on cattle owners, loss of 43.60 crores daily

There is a situation of lockdown throughout the country to avoid the coronavirus. This lockdown has broken not only the industry but also the waist of the farmers who produce milk daily. In Madhya Pradesh, 60 lakh such cattle rearing-farmers are incurring a loss of about Rs 43.60 crore daily. 1.9 million liters of milk of these farmers is not being sold. Farmers have reduced the dose of cattle due to loss, hence milk production is also falling. Farmers are making ghee and mawa with extra milk. If there is a fear of spoiling mawa, then the market for ghee is not available.

Number of infected men is more than women in Haryana

According to the data of National Dairy Development Board, 4 crore 36 lakh liters of milk is produced daily in the state. These figures are for the year 2018-19. Balaram Barangay, former director of Bhopal Cooperative Milk Union, tells about this that out of this, farmers sell 50% milk i.e. 2 crore 18 lakh liters on normal days and keep the same for domestic consumption. During the lockdown period, about half of the 2 crore 18 lakh liters of milk is not being sold, which is estimated at 1 crore 9 lakh liters. This is Rs 43.60 crore per liter of 40 rupees. Balarama barangay further says that this milk cooperative association and private companies buy from farmers. Due to the lockdown, private companies have almost closed the purchase. Cooperative milk unions are buying, but they have the capacity to buy a maximum of 12 lakh liters daily, which are currently buying only 10 lakh liters.

Number of corona infected reaches 127 in Ujjain, 23 deaths so far

Madhya Pradesh comes third in the production of milk. Uttar Pradesh is on the first and Rajasthan on the second. The milk production is calculated every year by the National Dairy Development Board and the Animal Husbandry Department of the states. It has not been calculated since the year 2018-19. Former chairman of Bhopal Sangh Mastan Singh says that farmers run families by selling milk in local markets along with private companies, but the markets are closed due to lockdown. Milk is also not being consumed there due to the closure of sweets, restaurants, hotels.

Corona patients with no symptoms will remain in home isolation

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