Madhya Pradesh: 16-year-old boy did not went to toilet since 18 months

Nov 21 2020 05:46 PM
Madhya Pradesh: 16-year-old boy did not went to toilet since 18 months

Morena: A 16-year-old teenager has a strange illness. He has not gone to the toilet for the last 18 months, it is not that he does not eat food. He also eats 18 to 20 rotis daily. Right now, he is not facing any problem, but his family is worried that the son has not fallen victim to any major disease. This surprising case has come out from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh.

In Morena, the son of a poor family is facing a very serious illness. Doctors are also trying to scrutinize. Ashish Chandil, a 16-year-old son of Manoj Chandil, a resident of Pura Ka Sabjeet, Morena, has not gone to defecation for the past 18 months. As soon as the news of this disease came, the family showed many doctors of Morena-Bhind Gwalior. Investigations were done to find out the disease, but so far no diagnosis of the disease has been detected.

Ashish eats 18 to 20 rotis every day, even after that, there is no problem in his stomach and body. This boy is living his life in a normal condition. His family is worried that his son should not fall prey to any major disease. In this regard, paediatricians are talking about conducting a big investigation to find out the disease.

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