Madhya Pradesh Police's big success, killed this infamous dacoit in encounter

Sep 16 2019 03:23 PM
Madhya Pradesh Police's big success, killed this infamous dacoit in encounter

Bhopal: The Infamous dacoit Babuli Kaul and his accomplice of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have been killed by the Madhya Pradesh Police in an encounter this morning. The police had been looking for both the dacoits for a long time. A reward of Rs 6 lakh was also declared on the head of the robber Babuli Cole. The two notorious bandits abducted a farmer on 8 September and were demanding lakhs of rupees from his family for his release.

The dacoits kidnapped Awadhesh Dwivedi, a farmer from Harsheed village under Satna district on September 8 and demanded Rs 50 lakh in return for his release. According to police, Babuli Cole and his partner Lovelesh Cole were killed this morning in an encounter near Ledery. Both were big-time bandits and they were also declared with a heavy prize money. Babuli Cole was given a prize of Rs 6 lakh and Lovelesh a reward of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Police had been investigating him since the abduction of farmer Awadhesh Dwivedi. The dacoits had demanded 50 lakhs for the safe release of the farmer and till the police could trace them, the dacoits released the farmer on 12 September. According to sources, the dacoits had released the farmer for 5 lakhs, but the police were still looking for the dacoits. On Monday morning, police surrounded the dacoits in Ledry. Meanwhile the dacoits opened fire on the police, killing the dacoit Babuli Cole and one of his companions in heavy firing from both sides.

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