After monkey's death, mourning spread in this village, last rites performed according to Hindu customs

You all must have heard many shocking tales till date. Now after knowing the story that we are going to tell you today, you will be surprised. Actually, this story is from Madhya Pradesh where the death of a monkey has become a topic of discussion. This death has also well explained the untold relationship between humans and animals. After knowing this story, you are going to say that you have presented a unique example of humanity. A monkey had died in a village located in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh. The discussions about what the villagers did after this death are spread far and wide. At present, this village is being discussed all over the state.

Arjun Singh, the sarpanch of Dalupura village, told that a monkey had come to his village about two weeks ago, he was very ill. Seeing him as a beamer, the villagers also took him to Rajgarh for treatment, but he could not survive. In such a situation, the whole village was saddened by the death of that monkey. You all must know that in Hinduism, the monkey is considered to be the form of Hanuman Ji. Because of this, after his death, all programs were done like humans. It is being told that after the death of the monkey, the villagers did every program like humans. During this, the funeral procession of the monkey was taken out. There he was cremated according to Hindu customs by taking him to Ujjain.

After that his third program was also done, in which the villagers got his ashes shaved and took his ashes and immersed them in the Shipra river. After this, the program of 11th and thirteenth was also done. Apart from this, after the death of the monkey, the villagers also organized a peace feast together. Now it is being claimed that thousands of people participated in this program and in this program the prasad of Kadhi, Sev Puri, Buttermilk was distributed to the villagers.

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