Two brides changed due to power cut, when lights came, everyone stunned

Indore: A strange case has come to light in the Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh due to power failure. Where the brides change during the ceremony that took place at the wedding due to darkness. When the electricity came back, the bride and her family were shocked, after which the mistake during the vows was corrected. Rameshlal had a marriage of three daughters and a son in Aslana village under the Ingoria police station of Ujjain district. 

On Sunday, their two daughters, Nikita and Karishma, got married to Bhola and Ganesh of Dangwara. The two young men are from different families. After coming to the procession, at around 11.30 p.m., during the mata pujan ceremony, both the brides completed the puja by holding the hands of different brides, during which Nikita held the hand of Ganesh and Karishma held Bhola's hand. At around 12.30 pm, when the lights came on, both the brides and their families were shocked. However, this mistake was corrected during the 5 a.m. vows and on the basis of the fixed relationship, seven vows of grooms were made with the brides.

The family members have informed that electricity goes to the village every day. Not only that, this power cut persists for several hours. Due to this, the bride and groom were exchanged in the wedding ceremony. 

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