Madras HC orders- Temple statue is like a child, it's our responsibility to protect it

Chennai: The Madras High Court has said that the temple statue is like a child and it is our responsibility to protect his property. Justice RMT Tika Raman ordered the eviction of some people who occupied the land of Palani temple in Tamil Nadu. These are people whose families had been occupying the temple property for many years.

The Madras High Court observed that “As per law, the idol of the temple is like that of a minor child. The court is the guardian of that minor child, both of the individual and of the property. The court has to protect the temple property like a minor child is protected." The court also said that the said temple was prevented from using its property for 60 years. Also, the defendants failed to prove their right over the temple property.

The property on which the Madras High Court said this was given to some people by the British in 1863 as a "reward." The defence said that many of the generations have owned the land, so they are the owners of the property. However, the court found that the defendant had said that they pay rent to the temple, which means that they are tenants and not owners. With this, the Madras High Court has ordered the authorities to vacate the temple property within 4 weeks.

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