This woman uses sunlight to paint, watch video here

May 25 2020 04:32 PM
This woman uses sunlight to paint, watch video here

Have you ever heard about painting with sunlight? On Instagram, magnify the sun user has told the world that painting can also be done through sunlight. With the help of Sea Magnify Glass, beautiful pictures are made on pieces of wood. The same magnifying glass from which small things are enlarged. Perhaps in childhood, with the help of this glass, you must have tried to set fire to dry leaves, matchsticks or paper.

This video has been shared by Twitter user CJ Lawrence. In this caption, she wrote, 'She does painting with Sunlight! She did not have paints as a child. But there was a magnifying glass. Shee created this style as she grew up. When her father was a carpenter, she used to practice a lot on useless wood lying in the shop. 'Magnifying glass is their paintbrush, then wood canvas.

She is popular on Instagram as magnify the sun. Where more than 32 thousand people follow her. This art is called Hye Sea Jiro West Art. She does not waste anything to make these art pieces. Neither does she use colour nor paintbrush, water, paper or canvas. To make a painting, Sea needs only sunlight, magnifying glass and a piece of wood. Just so many paintings are made from them.

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