Hastinapur split due to Duryodhana's childhood
Hastinapur split due to Duryodhana's childhood

People are once again enjoying the Mahabharata in lockdown. Shakuni, threw a new dice to get the throne of Hastinapur in front of Duryodhana. With this, he suggested to Duryodhana to do his hair. Duryodhana comes to his father Dhritarashtra and expresses displeasure at the arrival of the Pandavas. Dhritarashtra misunderstands Duryodhana's conspiracy of his Lakshgriha and tells Yudhishtar the first Crown Prince of Hastinapur, Duryodhana gets angry and says that he will not move from the throne of Yuvraj, and if Dhritarashtra asks him to do so, he will commit suicide. On hearing this, Dhritarashtra gets worried and promises him that the right to Duryodhana will remain with him but when the right time comes, Karna too is furious over Shakuni thinking about the Lakshagriha conspiracy, when Duryodhana comes there and tells him about his anger. Reason asks.

Karna tells him that Shakuni Mama, who hatched the conspiracy of Lakshagriha, did not leave any face to be seen and the Pandavas know this very well. Now Duryodhana is trying to know how Pandavas and Kunti survived in Varanavat. Shakuni calls the commander who was guarding him outside the Lakshgriha that night and punishes him with death. On the other hand, Vidura has reached the city of Kampilya by becoming the messenger of Dhritarashtra with the news of the five Pandavas coming back to Hastinapur. Yudhishthira orders to meet his Kaka Vidur but Krishna stops him and says, "No Yuvraj, today he is not your Kaka Shri. Today he has come as the messenger of the King of Hastinapur, so it would be appropriate to meet everyone. So that everyone can hear what they said and what you answered. These are the days of avoiding misunderstandings, Yuvraj. "Gandhari comes to Dhritarashtra in Hastinapur, and the Pandavas She expresses her happiness knowing the news of being alive.

Dhritarashtra also shows his happiness to Gandhari and also tells about his concern that no injustice should be done to the Pandavas due to son-in-law. Shakuni is also plotting a new conspiracy by throwing the dice of his Chaucer and accusing Vidur of being biased in front of Duryodhana, saying, "I don't know how that maid son would be spreading the trap in Kampilya Nagari." Here Kunti Vidur in Kampilya Nagri She comes to meet and expresses her displeasure, why Vidur has come to take the Pandavas to Hastinapur. Then Vidur tells about the present date of Hastinapur and says that the Pandavas are the soul of Hastinapur and it is necessary to go there. Vidur Maharaj meets Drupada, and also presents gifts sent by Hastinapur Maharaj to Kulvadhu Draupadi. With the gift, he also urges the Pandavas and Grihalakshmi Draupadi to be taken to Hastinapur. Drupada happily decides to bid farewell to his daughter Draupadi and the five Pandavas, as well as Sri Krishna and Balarama deciding to come to Hastinapur on the pretext of meeting Draupadi's in-laws.

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