This was the time when Kunti, Dharashtra and Gandhari of the Mahabharata died

Aug 16 2019 08:00 PM
This was the time when Kunti, Dharashtra and Gandhari of the Mahabharata died

All of you must have read and heard the Mahabharata. It is said that after the Mahabharata war when Yudhisthir became the Maharaja of Hastinapur, the father of the Kauravas, Dharashtra along with his wife Gandhari and Pandavas' mother Kunti left for the forest. Yes, when Yudhishthira came to the forest to seek permission, Yudhisthir and all the brothers stopped him from going, but Bhim could not suppress his jealousy for long and when the Dharashtra began to taunt him. Then, one day, Bhim's mouth came out of something that pricked the heart of the dharna and decided that he would no longer live in the palace.

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When Dharashtra started going to the forest with Gandhari, Kunti also insisted on going to the forest. After that, Yudhisthir tried to persuade him, but all three did not. At the same time, Vedvyas Ji also came to the Rajmahal and persuaded Yudhisthir to allow all the three to go to the forest, and Vedvyas Ji along with Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti went to the forest.

For many years, the three lived in the forest, living like the Vanaprastha Ashram, the Sage Sanyasi, and living as a forest dweller in a majestic life, weakening their old body. Then, one day, incidentally, a forest fire broke out and all the people started fleeing, saving their lives. During that time, Dharashtra also ran away with Gandhari and Kunti but could not escape much due to the weak body and was engulfed in the forest fire. After that, the escape sat in all the way, and at this stage, the three sat in meditation and died in the forest fire.

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At the same time, according to another legend, the law of Vanaprastha Ashram was to follow as long as there is strength in the body and you feel that you can follow the ashram. If the body weakens prematurely and you are unable to follow the ashram rules, pay attention and hand over your life to God. Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti were also weakened prematurely and they felt that he and the Ashram could not keep the rules, so they paid attention and gave up their lives.

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