Vikarna: the most interesting character of the Mahabharata, find out why he was slaughtered

Aug 20 2019 07:20 PM
Vikarna: the most interesting character of the Mahabharata, find out why he was slaughtered

You must have read or heard the Mahabharata. There are many interesting characters in the Mahabharata whose story is known by very few people. One of them is Vikarna. Yes, Dhritarashtra and Gandhari's son Vikarna was one of the most respected brothers in Kaurav and is also known as the known religion and according to a legend of the Mahabharata, when Draupadi was being stripped off, Dhritarashtra and all were silent. At that time, Vikarna was the only person who openly opposed it and tried to stop it from happening. Yes, not only that but Vikarna also opposed the game of gambling. In the Battle of Mahabharata, Bhim wanted to fight Vikarna, but he killed him. Let's find out why...

Legend: On the 14th day of the war, Arjuna was intent on killing Jayadrath as per his promise. Arjuna had vowed that if he failed to kill Jayadrath by sunset, he would take the Agni Samadhi. Kaurav knew this and so they tried to hide Jayadrath all day long. On the other hand, Bhim was with him to help Arjuna. Bhim was confronted with Vikarna in order to find Jayadrath. He said to Vikarna that he did not want to fight him. Hearing this, Vikarna replied to Bhim that he knows that the defeat of Kaurav is certain because Shri Krishna is on the side of the Pandavas but still fighting the war is his religion.

Bhim also reminded him of the game of gamble and the incision of Draupadi. Vikarna remained adamant on his point though. He told Bhim that he did what he did at that time and now what is his duty will not back down. Then there was war in Bhim and Vikarna and finally, Bhim managed to kill him. Vikarna is also compared to the Kumbhkaran of the Ramayana. In fact, both knew exactly what was right but because of the instructions of his elder brother, he fought.

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